About Me

Logan Conover PictureI am Logan Conover and I was born in 1999 in San Jose California. I am very shy and I do not voice my opinions a majority of the time. However, I am a really nice person and I do not like conflict or making people feel bad. I really enjoy volunteering around the county and just helping people, because it makes me feel like I am making the city I live in a better place for everyone.

Earlier this year my English teacher assigned us a research paper where we had to pick a topic and write a four page essay on it. I did not know what I was going to do, so I went online and started looking for big issues that were happening in the U.S. I happened to stumble across climate change, and how many people in Congress were denying its existence. This really frustrated me because if scientists are saying it’s real and have proof that it is real, how can one deny its existence? So, I started looking into it more and asking my friends and family if they knew anything about it, and I realized that while many of them believed in climate change none of them knew very much about what it could do. I decided to write about it and how, despite some progress happening in government to take action against climate change, I do not think enough was being done to fight it, and that brings me to now. I have decided that if I really want something that I care about to happen, I need to make it happen, so I created When, Not If… in hopes that I can share facts with people and get the world to take action against climate change.

In the next few years I hope to get into college and go someplace that suits my personality and my needs. I really hope to make a difference with When, Not if… and I just hope that I can become a better person who does all that I can to help people and the environment.